Parkston Water Tower installed 1994

Water Department

The City water system is overseen by the Water Department.  The City of Parkston does not treat the water that is distributed via the city water system.  Water is treated by B-Y Water District and then sold to the City for distribution.  The water distribution system is maintained by Water Superintendent, Adam Praska.


In 2012, the City of Parkston replaced all water meters with new meters equipped with a radio transmitter.  The transmitter sends current readings directly to city hall every six hours.  This allows city staff to oversee usage, monitor flows, and detect leaks and unwanted water loss.  When water is consistantly flowing for a long period of time or flows in large quantities, it alerts staff that a leak may be present.  It is city's policy to contact the property owner to inform them of change in usage in order to determine if it is normal usage, a leak, or if a something was accidentally left running.  Most leaks are the result of faucets not completely shut off, plumbing issues, and faulty toilets. 

CLICK HERE to view a sample of a leak report.  This was the result of a toilet running consistantly for two days.

To learn more about the new water meter system contact city hall, (605) 928-3321.