Sales Tax Information

The following is an abbreviated list of taxes imposed by the City of Parkston.

Current State Sales Tax:  4.5% (SDCL Ch. 10-45, South Dakota Retail Occupational Sales and Service Tax)

Current City Sales Tax:  2% Municipal retail occupational sales and service tax upon the gross receipts of all persons engaged in the business within the jurisdiction of the city.

Current City Hospitality Gross Receipts Tax: 1%- A municipal gross receipts tax upon the gross receipts of all leases or rentals of hotel, motel, campsites, or other lodging accommodations within the municipality for periods of less than twenty-eight consecutive days; the sale of alcoholic beverages; establishments where the public is invited to eat, dine, or purchase and carry out prepared food for immediate consumption.

For more information, visit the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation website or call the City Finance Officer at (605) 928-3321.