What is the difference between a resolution and an ordinance?  According to South Dakota Codified Law the word "ordinance" means "a permanent legislative act within the limits of its powers of the governing body of a municipality." (SDCL 9-19-1).

Whereas, A "resolution" means any determination, decision, or direction of the governing body of a municipality of a temporary or special character for the purpose of initiating, effecting, or carrying out its administrative duties and functions (SDCL 9-19-14).

All ordinances shall be read twice by title with at least five days between each reading.  The ordinances, if passed, shall be signed by the mayor or acting mayor, and filed with the finance officer.  It also must be published at least once in the official newspaper.

Resolutions differ from ordinances in that any resolution may be passed after only one reading.  The reslution must be recorded at length either separately or in the minutes of the meeting.  The votes for or against the resolution must also be published.

~Taken from "The South Dakota Municipal League" Handbook for Municipal Officials