Parkston Area Development Corporation

Our mission statement: Providing visionary leadership to ensure the stability and growth of the community and surrounding region, the PADC will identify and coordinate economic resources to create opportunities for the Parkston area.

The PADC is a non-profit organization created to facilitate business expansion, recruitment and retention efforts in the Parkston area.

As a regional community, Parkston envisions itself as a:

  • Premier Sustainable Bedroom Community
  • Progressive Regional Leader
  • Friendly, Safe Community
  • Emphasizes the Assets of the Community
  • Hub of Essential Business
  • Entrepreneurial, Risk-taking Community
  • Homes and Businesses Appreciate in Value
  • Self-Sufficient, Growing Community
  • Regional Partner

To accomplish Parkston’s goal of economic prosperity, PADC will focus on the following areas:

  • Identify educational opportunities to grow our youth into area businesses through internships
  • Workforce Development
  • Scholarship Program to support youth returning to community
  • Housing Development
  • Outreach to other communities
  • Labor force retention
  • Better networking/Learn hidden skills of residents
  • Educate public on current and future workforce deficiencies


The Parkston Area Housing Committee has developed an incentive program for new homes built within the Parkston city limits during 2014.  CLICK HERE for more information.