East Park Trees


The Parkston Tree Planting Program was implemented in 2009.  Due to city projects over the years, a number of trees have been removed and very few were replaced.  In light of these statistics, the City Council created this program to encourage and entice residents to plant a tree on their property.  Below is a list of approved tree species that qualify for reimbursement through this program.  For further information, refer to the Tree Planting Program Form.


Small Deciduous Trees Boulevard Tree Shade Tree Maximum Height Max. Crown Spread Features
Crabapple, all adapted varieties X   25' 25' Upright; Showy white/pink flowers
Sensation' Boxelder X X 30' 25' Round; Red fall color, attracts boxelder bugs
Thornlus Cockspur Hawthorne X   28' 30' Broad; White flowers, red fruit
Japanese tree Lilac "Ivory Silk" X   25' 15' Broad; Showy white flowers in June
Amur Maple X   15' 10' Round; Red/Orange fall color. Prefers acid soil
Tatarian Maple X   20' 25' Oval; Yellow/White flowers in July; transforming to red/orange in fall
Medium Deciduous Trees          
Black alder X   40' 30' Round; short-stalked rounded leafs
Prairie Horizon alder X   40' 30' Dark green leaves, gray/beech-like bark
Amur Cocktree- 'Eye Stopper' or 'His Majesty' X X 40' 35' Round; Corky bark, tolerates variety of soils
American Hornbeam (Blue Beech) X   25' 20' Smooth greenish, grey bark
Littleleaf Linden cultivars and crosses X X 40' 30' Good street tree, pyramidal form
Amur Maackia X   25' 20' Round; white flowers
Sycamore Maple X X 40' 30' Broad domed crown; long broad leathery textured leaves
Flowering Pear- 'Autumn Blaze' X X 40' 25' Oval; fall colors
Ussurian Pear- 'Mountain Frost' X   30' 25' Upright oval; showy white flowers in Spring
Tall Deciduous Trees          
Kentucky Coffeetree 'Espresso' X X 50' 35' Female have pods, few pest problems
Hybrid Elm X X 55' 45' Pyramidal crown; dark green leaves; yellow in fall
Ginko (male only) X X 50' 40' Pyramidal form; fan-shaped leaf, gold fall color
Hackberry X X 45' 35' Fairly insect/disease free, showy bark
Honeylocust, all varieties X X 45' 35' Round; less dense, showy varieties, cankers
American Linden X X 50' 30' Pyramidal; fall colors
Freeman Maple X X 70' 40' Oval; Fall colors
Greencolumn Maple X X 50' 20' Ocal; horseshoe shaped seeds
Norway Maple X X 50' 20' Fall color
State Street Maple X X 50' 35' Upright rounded/oval; dark green foliage/golden fall color
Bur Oak X   55' 45' Varies in shape; greenish/yellow flowers, acorns
Heritage Oak X   50' 40' Large widespreading crown; acorn