The City of Parkstons' Mosquito Control Program's main goal is to control the misquito larvae within the City of Parkston.  Our goal is to keep the nuisance problem and the West Nile virus threat as low as humanly possible.  This is done by identifying potential mosquito breeding grounds such as standing water, tall slough grasses, wooded areas, parks, drainage ditches, and Pony Creek.

The City will begin spraying May 1st on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, when needed.  Methods used for larval control are: dipping for larva, spraying standing water, treating remote wetlands with briquettes or pellets and treating catch basins with pellets to control breeding sites. 

The parks are treated, as needed, using a mist blower for a barrier treatment.  Other areas are treated similarly before any community event when traffic is high.  All pesticides are used strictly according to the product label.

Information regarding the West Nile virus may be obtained from the following sources: