What streets are on the emergency snow route?

First Street between Glynn Drive and SD Highway 44;

Fourth Street between Main Street and Fir Street;

Fir Street between Fourth Street and Bismark; and

Main Street between SD Highway 37 and Chapman Drive.  

Once the snow emergency route is plowed curb-to-curb can I park back on that street?

No persons shall stop, stand or park any vehicle on any street, highway or public grounds of the City, when a snow emergency exists.  Snow emergencies shall be deemed to exist on emergency snow route as city officials and staff sees it necessary to remove the snow.  On these streets it is in your best interest to not park on the street during a snow event.  Even if the street has been plowed once, city crews may have to plow again in order to keep those streets passable for emergency vehicles.

How do I know when I need to remove my car from the streets?

If you are on an emergency snow route, it is best to remove your vehicle from the street during any snow accumulation.  All other streets, vehicles must be removed as soon as 2” or more of snow accumulates.  The City will post alerts on local television stations as well as send alerts out via  Go to the city’s homepage to sign up for this service.

When does a snow alert go into effect?

A snow alert is issued in residential district as soon as 2” or more of snow falls.  Those streets are that on the emergency snow route are in a snow alert when the city deems it necessary. 

Does the city notify me when the city is in a snow alert?

Yes.  Notices will be posted on local television stations (KSFY, KELO, KDLT) and  a text message alert will be sent via Nixle.  To receive these alerts you must first sign up your email or mobile phone number.  Go to the city’s homepage,, to sign up.  These notices are a courtesy and not required by city ordinance.

Can I park my vehicle in the boulevard?

The boulevard is part of the city right-of-way and is part of the street.  This is also the area where the snow is to be plowed.

When does snow removal in the business district begin?

The business district will be windrowed to the center of the street before regular morning traffic.  City crews will return to the business district at 6 p.m. to load the windrowed snow and haul it away.

When do I have to have the snow cleared from my sidewalk?

Sidewalks in residential district should be clear of snow and ice within 48 hours of a snow event.  Sidewalks in business district should be cleared within 12 hours of a snow event and prior to the city removing the snow from the street.

I cleared my sidewalk of snow and ice once.  What if the wind blows snow back on it?

The city ordinance reads as follows, It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant or person in possession or in charge of any lot, parcel or plot of ground fronting or abutting upon any sidewalk, to keep such sidewalk free and clear from snow and ice at all times.  When it is frozen to the sidewalk, the owner or occupant or person in charge of such lot shall sprinkle or spread some suitable material upon the same to prevent the walk from becoming slippery and dangerous to travel.”  It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure that the sidewalks are clear for safe pedestrian travel at all times, not just after a snow event.

When the snow plow went past it threw snow onto my sidewalk.  Does the city remove the snow?

It is the property owners responsibility to keep the sidewalks clear of snow and ice.  If the property owner does not clear the sidewalk the city may clear the walk and bill the property owner for the work performed.

I see businesses placing snow from the sidewalk on the street before it is plowed.  Can I do the same by my house?

The business district is allowed to place the snow that naturally falls onto their sidewalk on the street to be removed by the city when the business district streets are plowed.  All other properties within the city shall not place any snow on the street.

I have a large pile of snow in front of my mailbox and the post office will not deliver the mail.  Will the city clear the snow in front of the mailbox?

It is the residence responsibility to keep the snow removed from in front of the mailboxes.  When snow is plowed from the street, it is pushed to the side.  Over time a windrow of snow accumulates in front of mailboxes.  If we continue to push the snow over, eventually the mailbox would also be pushed over.  To prevent the mailbox post from falling over or breaking, keep this area free of snow.