This section contains samples of leak reports that city staff have reported to users since the installation of the new water meter system.  The reports are in cubic feet.  To the left of the graph is the number of cubic feet that are reported.  Below the graph is the day, date, and time of the usage.  Each line bar in the graph is 6 hours of usage.

REPORT #1- Toilet float not closing completely.  As indicated, the toilet leaked as much as 3 cubic feet or approximately 23 gallons of water every six hours.  The water loss varied from 2 to 3 cubic feet.  Toilets are the most common leak detected.  Toilets can leak as little as 1 cubic feet or as much as 10+ cubic feet.  Main users don't realize the amount of water loss a toilet leak can accumulate in a short amount of time.  If you are concerned about a toilet that may be leaking, pour food coloring into the tank.  If the food coloring eventually shows up in the bowl

REPORT #2- Sprinkler system leak.  The spinkler system was working fine when it was turned on for the summer.  At the end of June, the software reported that there was consistant usage being detected.  Normally a sprinkler system will use a large amount of water as it goes through the different zones in the lawn, however it will promptly shut down.  In this case the water usage continued but at a lower rate than if the sprinkler system was running, which suggested that a leak is present.  The owner shut the sprinkler system off at the valve to stop the usage and fix the leak.