The City of Parkston snow removal crew has four members and is responsible for the efficient and timely removal of snow from city streets.  The snow crew will commence plowing once snowfall has stopped or has substantially subsided.  Main Street Business District will be windrowed in to the center of the street for daily traffic to run.  Crews will then move to residential streets, and plow during the day.  At 6 p.m., plows will return to the Business District to remove the windrow of snow from the center of the street and haul to a seperate location.  This procedure may change depending on the amount of snowfall and timing.  Refer to the Snow Alert section for up to the minute information on when the city plans on plowing streets.

During snow removal efforts it is important to park vehicles off the street until plowing operations are completed.  As a reminder it is against city code to throw snow into the street when clearing driveways in residential areas. 

The City of Parkston urges residents to be extremely cautious when snow removal and sanding operations are underway.  All vehicles should stay a minimum of 75 feet (four car lengths) behind all maintenance units.

Winter can bring snow, ice, and slippery road conditions.  Before traveling, be sure to check the current road conditions to ensure a safe trip.  Click on the link below to access the Safe Travel USA website.  This website provides up to the minutes reports on all major roadways in South Dakota.